Cleaning Tips For Wooden Furniture

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Most homes and offices around the globe flaunt wooden furniture to enhance the adopted themes and aesthetics. Wood has a naturally earthy color, due to which it is not very easy to detect grime, dirt, oil stains, etc. on it. Just like any other fixture, wooden furniture also tends to get dirty and you need to clean it regularly. If a few cleaning tips for wooden furniture are followed, it is possible to maintain good looking, sturdy furniture in your home or office for years. Wood surfaces get damaged easily and call for the right cleaning techniques.

Different types of wood are used in making furniture. It is imperative to garner the right understanding about the type of finishing used in its making first before you decide on the type of cleaner to be used. Some wooden furniture items are made with polished wood with a finishing of varnish or wax. The other type is the oil finishing which offers the furniture a very soft touch. The most elegant kind of wooden furniture would definitely be pine furniture!

Then, there is a range of wooden furniture items that is painted. Using the right kind of cleaning solutions helps in getting the best of results and long lasting wooden furniture. If wooden furniture is cleaned daily with the help of a soft cloth, stubborn stains do not stay. A special wood cleaning solution can be prepared for cleaning oil finesse furniture. Take some boiled linseed oil which is cooled. Add turpentine in equal quantity to it, mix it well and then use the solution for cleaning the wooden furniture.

Shine of the furniture can be restored as the oil sinks into pores of the wood. Make sure this process is repeated a few times a year so that furniture flaunts a well maintained look always. With a brush, you can clean dust off painted wooden furniture. Wooden surfaces can also be cleaned with the help of wax paste and liquid polish. The effect of liquid polish may not last for a long time, so make sure you use it as frequently as you can.

Scratches on wood surface can be best filled with a paste of wax. In the case of cleaning polished wood, there is special polish called aerosol available in the market which you can rely on. This polish contains silicone which gives the surface a shine and shimmer. If there are stains made by hot items place on the wooden surface, water marks, or patches of discolor, these too can be removed by rubbing in some linseed oil into the surface of the furniture.

A mixture of salad oil and juice of lime does the trick too. Dip a cloth into the solution and rub the surface well to get rid of the marks. A mixture of salad oil and some toothpaste is very effective in getting rid of rings on the furniture as well as water marks. Readymade wood finish can be applied after cleaning all the stains from the furniture. It is very important to take care of antique wood furniture by following the right cleaning tips. Improper cleaning can actually destroy your antique, and even lower its value because of careless cleaning.

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