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Strength measures a creature's physical power. Use a Strength check for any attempt to lift, push, pull, or break something, or to otherwise apply brute force to a situation.

Easy Tasks (DC 10)

  • Force open a stuck wooden door
  • Climb a tree with plenty of low branches or a cliff with plenty of handholds
  • Tread water in rough conditions

Moderate Tasks (DC 13)

  • Climb a rough stone wall
  • Push through an earthen tunnel that is too small

Hard Tasks (DC 16)

  • Break open a door held by a lock
  • Climb a sheer surface with scant handholds
  • Swim in stormy waters
  • Break free of rope bonds
  • Hang on to a wagon while being dragged behind it
  • Fly into a headwind

Very Hard Tasks (DC 19)

  • Break chains or manacles
  • Break open a door held by a wooden bar or elaborate lock
  • Tip over a large stone statue
  • Keep a boulder from rolling

Formidable Tasks (DC 22)

  • Climb an oiled rope
  • Break open a heavy door held by a metal bar or a dwarven lock
  • Swim free of a vortex or fly out of a tornado


  • Push a door open when someone else is holding it closed (against Strength)
  • Wrench an object out of someone's hands (against Strength)
  • Restrain someone (against Strength or Dexterity)
  • Push someone off a ledge (against Strength or Dexterity)

Hazards: Climbing or swimming in dangerous conditions can present hazards (falling or sinking, respectively) for failed checks. A very heavy object could fall on top of the character who's trying to lift or push it. A character might get stuck halfway in the tunnel.

Requirements: You might decide that a character can't attempt a Strength check without having some amount of leverage or a solid foothold.

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