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Intelligence measures how well a creature learns and reasons. Use an Intelligence check when a character needs to draw on logic, education, or deductive reasoning.

Easy Tasks (DC 10)

  • Recall vague information about commonly-known facts
  • Identify a common symbol
  • Communicate a simple idea to a creature that doesn't share your language
  • Find a pit covered with branches and leaves (when searching)
  • Keep a pit trap from opening

Moderate Tasks (DC 13)

  • Recall vague information about slightly obscure facts
  • Identify an uncommon monster
  • Deduce what kind of weapon caused an injury
  • Estimate the value of a piece of jewelry
  • Find a simple tripwire
  • Keep a scything blade trap from triggering

Hard Tasks (DC 16)

  • Recall specific details about commonly-known facts, or vague information about truly esoteric facts
  • Determine how to cause part of a tunnel to collapse
  • Pick up a dialect of a known language
  • Estimate the value of a gemstone
  • Identify a spell as it is being cast
  • Find a pressure plate in the floor or locate a transparent tripwire
  • Prevent a poison needle or gas trap from springing

Very Hard Tasks (DC 19)

  • Recall specific details about truly esoteric facts known only to a few
  • Identify an especially rare monster
  • Estimate the value of a rare, antique, or exotic item
  • Decipher a simple message in an unfamiliar language
  • Identify the persistent effects of a spell
  • Figure out how to activate a magic item
  • Find a well-disguised pressure plate
  • Disarm a dwarven trap

Formidable Tasks (DC 22)

  • Disarm a magic trap
  • Identify a unique monster
  • Recall information known to no one else alive


  • Pass off a forged document as real (against Intelligence)

Hazards: An attempt to recall information presents the chance of recalling false information. A character might make dangerous mistakes about a monster's resistances or capabilities, collapse a tunnel in the wrong place, or discard a precious item after believing that it is worthless.

Requirements: Disarming traps typically requires thieves' tools. You might require that a character have a magnifying glass to appraise gems or jewelry. For truly obscure information, sometimes the best knowledge is where to find the information, but actually unearthing the facts might require access to a specific tome or library.

Skills: Characters can use any of the various lore skills in place of an Intelligence check that deals with their field of knowledge. A character can also use Find and Remove Traps instead of an Intelligence check to locate and disarm a trap.

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