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Dexterity represents a creature's hand-eye coordination, agility, reflexes, and balance. Use a Dexterity check for tasks that require physical finesse or agility.

Easy Tasks (DC 10)

  • Walk across an icy surface
  • Perform simple feats of sleight of hand

Moderate Tasks (DC 13)

  • Walk on a narrow ledge
  • Pick a simple lock
  • Swing from a chandelier
  • Impress onlookers with an acrobatic performance

Hard Tasks (DC 16)

  • Cross a wildly swaying rope bridge
  • Wriggle free of rope bonds
  • Pick a typical lock
  • Pick someone's pocket

Very Hard Tasks (DC 19)

  • Walk across a tightrope
  • Slip out of manacles
  • Pick an elaborate lock
  • Somersault over a creature of the same size
  • Slide down a staircase while standing on a shield

Formidable Tasks (DC 22)

  • Pick a dwarven lock


  • Wriggle free of a grab (against Strength)
  • Palm an object while under close observation (against Wisdom)
  • Hide in an obscured area (against Wisdom)

Hazards: Balancing on a narrow surface and other acrobatic feats present the very real danger of falling. When attempting to disarm a trap, a bungled check often causes the trap to trigger. A hazard while picking someone's pocket is that the target notices the attempt.

Requirements: Picking locks typically requires thieves' tools. Some acrobatic feats might require a certain amount of movement, or require the character to be wearing light or no armor.

Skills: Characters might use Open Locks, Sleight of Hand, or Stealth in place of certain Dexterity checks.

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