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Constitution represents a creature's health, stamina, and vital force. Constitution saving throws are far more common than Constitution checks, because the endurance this ability represents typically comes into play in reaction to external events, not as an effort a character is making. If a character attempts a task that clearly relies on physical resilience and fortitude, use a Constitution check.

Easy Tasks (DC 10)

  • Cast an arcane spell while disrupted from damage or other circumstances
  • Quaff an entire stein of ale in one go

Moderate Tasks (DC 13)

  • March overland for twelve hours in a day
  • Roll down a steep slope without taking damage

Hard Tasks (DC 16)

  • Stay awake for forty hours
  • Swim for an hour straight

Very Hard Tasks (DC 19)

  • March overland for eighteen hours in a day
  • Swim for three hours straight

Formidable Tasks (DC 22)

  • March overland for twenty-four hours

Hazards: A badly failed Constitution check can mean taking damage. A swimming character might suffer a cramp that makes further swimming impossible, or a character attempting a forced march might sustain an injury.

Requirements: You might rule that some Constitution checks are impossible unless the character removes heavy armor.

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