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Charisma measures a person's force of personality, persuasiveness, and leadership. Use Charisma checks in situations that require social skills and the ability to influence others.

Easy Tasks (DC 10)

  • Entertain a crowd with a tall tale
  • Give a pleasing speech
  • Gather the common gossip in a town or neighborhood
  • Learn about the local power figures

Moderate Tasks (DC 13)

  • Give a rousing or inspiring speech
  • Calm and comfort a distraught person
  • Find what you need in an unfamiliar city
  • Find out who's really in power
  • Get an animal to keep moving while tired

Hard Tasks (DC 16)

  • Get an unruly crowd to move out of the way
  • Badger allied soldiers into a fighting mood
  • Goad a person into action
  • Train an animal for a specific task
  • Calm an aggressive wild animal
  • Weasel out local information only a few other people know

Very Hard Tasks (DC 19)

  • Calm a panicked animal
  • Rear a wild animal
  • Dig up obscure news or lore from a community

Formidable Tasks (DC 22)

  • Tame a wild animal


  • Fast-talk or con someone (against Wisdom)
  • Adopt a disguise (against Wisdom)
  • Impersonate someone's voice (against Wisdom)
  • Give false assurance to dull suspicion (against Wisdom)
  • Tell a convincing lie (against Wisdom)
  • Persuade someone to do something (against Wisdom)
  • Pry information out of a prisoner (against Wisdom)
  • Convince someone to back down from a confrontation (against Wisdom)

Hazards: The most likely hazards associated with a Charisma check are attracting unwanted attention, arousing suspicion, or angering someone.

Requirements: You might decide that a Charisma check requires bribes of some sort, from slipping an official some gold to buying an informant a drink.

Skills: Characters can use Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, or Streetwise in place of certain Charisma checks.

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