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This section provides an overview of the sorts of things that characters typically attempt in D&D, as a guide to some of the most common ways that checks can be used in the game. For each of the six ability scores, this section describes in general terms what sorts of tasks might warrant a check using that ability and how difficult those tasks might be. As always, use your good judgment when applying these guidelines. They are meant to provide storytelling and adjudication options to you, not to tie your hands creatively.

Many of the tasks described here match skills that player characters might possess (usually because of their backgrounds). When a character has a certain skill, it means that the character is better at checks relating to that skill than his or her ability score would indicate. A character can use a skill in place of an ability check if you decide the skill applies. So a character with the Bluff skill can use his or her Bluff skill in place of a Charisma check made to pass a lie off as the truth.

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