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Investigation Specialist

You have a keen awareness for detail, one that arose through a combination of practice and natural talent. You are good at picking out subtle clues and hidden items, and few details of your environment escape your notice. The almost inaudible creak of a bowstring being drawn might alert you to an imminent ambush, and the slightest twitch of an eye might tell you that a suspect is lying.

You might have worked with the town watch to investigate crimes, or carried out such investigation on your own — to the acclaim or consternation of the watch. Perhaps you served as a scout, protecting military forces or exploration teams from ambushes in the wild. You might have been a spy for some monarch or aristocrat, or gathered information for a local crime lord.

Level 1: Alertness
You have worked to sharpen your senses. You notice details quicker than others, particularly the telltale signs that herald the start of a fight.
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to initiative and to checks to detect hidden creatures and objects.

Level 3: Keen Intuition
Your senses and intuition allow you to notice details that others would prefer that you did not notice.
Benefit: Whenever you engage in a contest to spot a hidden creature, discern a lie, or otherwise notice a creature's presence or disposition, your d20 roll is treated as a 10 if you roll a 9 or less.

Level 6: Expert Investigator
You can scour an area to find clues and details to help you with your investigation.
Prerequisite: Intelligence 11 or higher
Benefit: If you have 5 minutes to search an area that measures up to 10 feet on each side, you treat all checks for finding hidden items in the area as if you rolled a 20.

Level 9: Master Detective
Your keen senses make it difficult to conceal clues from you or to get the jump on you.
Prerequisite: 9th level, Intelligence 11 or higher
Benefit: You can attempt to find hidden objects or creatures as part of any other action you take. If you use an action to make such a check, you have advantage on the check.
In addition, if you are surprised, you can make a DC 10 Wisdom saving throw to avoid being surprised.

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