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Healing Specialist

Having studied the healing arts, you work to ease suffering, mend wounds, and cure sickness. You know how to brew antidotes for most poisons. You can prepare herbal remedies to promote healing. Your ministrations bring hope to the hopeless, health to the sick, and perhaps even life to the dying.

You might have been an apprentice to a village herb gatherer, a wise one who tended to the villagers' ills. Or perhaps you learned at the side of a wealthy family's personal physician. You could have served as a medic in a military company, aiding injured soldiers while battle raged around you. Or perhaps you are an initiate of a deity such as the Lifegiver, charged with offering healing wherever it is needed.

Level 1: Herbalism
You have mastered the techniques that allow you to create potions, bandages, and healing kits.
Benefit: You can spend 1 hour to create up to three items, chosen in any combination from this list.

  • antitoxin (25 gp)
  • healer's kit (2 gp, 5 sp)
  • potion of healing (25 gp)

To create an item, you must expend material components (herbs, vials, cloth, and the like) worth the amount given for each item.

Level 3: Expert Herbalist
Your curative concoctions are unusually potent.
Prerequisite: Herbalism feat
Benefit: A potion of healing that you create restores 1d4 + 2 extra hit points.

Level 6: Master Herbalist
You perfect your skills at herbalism to ensure that those under your care receive the full benefits.
Prerequisite: Herbalism and Expert Herbalist feats
Benefit: When you create a potion that heals, that potion restores the maximum number of hit points that it can.

Level 9: Restore Life
You can use your superior healing techniques to restore life to the nearly dead.
Prerequisite: 9th level, Herbalism feat
Benefit: You can spend 1 minute tending to a creature that died within the last minute and that has at least one unspent Hit Die. The creature's body must be intact, and the creature has to have died as a result of taking damage.
At the end of the minute, make a DC 15 Wisdom check. If you succeed, the creature is revived and spends a Hit Die, regaining hit points from spending that die as normal. If you fail, the creature cannot be revived with this feat.
You must have a healer's kit to use this feat. Using this feat expends two uses from the kit.

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