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Endurance Specialist

You are tough. You not only stand up to wounds that would fell a lesser adventurer, but also continue to push forward when others would need to stop for rest. You have a deep reserve of health that gives you the ability to recover more quickly than most people.

You likely had a harsh life before becoming an adventurer. You might have lived in an extreme environment, such as a tundra or a desert, where survival was a daily challenge. Perhaps you are an escaped slave who had to endure terrible conditions, or a prisoner on the run. Or your exceptional endurance could be supernatural in nature, the result of a fey blessing at your birth or a drop of giant blood in your ancestry.

Level 1: Durable
You are uncommonly tough.
Prerequisite: Constitution 11 or higher
Benefit: Whenever you roll a die to increase your hit point maximum (such as when you gain a level) or to regain hit points by spending a Hit Die, you can roll twice and use the higher result.

Level 3: Toughness
You are remarkably durable and can stand up to punishment that would send other people to death's door.
Prerequisite: Constitution 11 or higher
Benefit: You gain extra hit points equal to your level when you take this feat. For each level you gain after taking this feat, you gain 1 extra hit point.

Level 6: Resilient
You recover from your injuries more quickly than other people.
Prerequisite: Constitution 11 or higher
Benefit: Whenever you spend a Hit Die to regain hit points, you regain 2 extra hit points.

Level 9: Iron Hide
You shrug off minor injuries with ease.
Prerequisite: 9th level, Constitution 11 or higher
Benefit: Whenever you take bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage, the damage is reduced by 1.

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